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«Intelligence Invest Center» — this is an association independent experts and consultants. Its main activity It is an information and analytical consulting in the field of knowledge-intensive technologies.


Simple solutions to complex problems.


To implement various activities in science, education and economics, we propose the creation of virtual organizations. In science, these are virtual laboratories, in education — virtual training centers, in business — virtual firms.

We create virtual organizations based on the resources already available to the customer and its partners (employees, computer equipment, programs, technologies, etc.). If necessary, we can also provide resources from our existing and constantly updated repository. The legal creation of a virtual organization based on the resources selected for it is formalized by the relevant treaties.

You can say: «Yes, this is just a regular organization created to perform the necessary on current activity — «Temporary creative team» as once we called her. What is her virtuality?».

The virtuality here is manifested in the fact that both people, and technology, and others resources do not move anywhere, but remain in their places. The question arises « And how will they be interact — by e-mail, what?». No, e-mail in many cases not enough and due to low speed and reliability and for a number of other well-known reasons. But modern telecommunications opportunities Computer technology (Internet, intranet and a number of other technologies) certain methodologies for their use may well provide the right level reliability and speed.

The methodology and tools we have developed are the communication «glue» that provides the work of resources scattered around the globe as part of the created virtual organization.

The work of creating a virtual organization is carried out mainly by customers themselves. We give them methodology, tools and, if necessary, funds and resources.

An example of a virtual organization is our «Intelligence Invest Center».


We carry out our mission by organizing and conducting projects. Here Examples of such projects:

Knowledge base.

Virtual Environmental Laboratory.

Virtual Firm.